Distric Netball

imageWe had school🏐 Netball 🏐 I was in the A’s I played goal attack the hole time.

The team was:

🏐 Emily GS

🏐 Me GA

🏐 Tahlia WA

🏐 Mady/Ruby C

🏐 Tamia  WD

🏐 Milly GD

🏐 Grace GK

We got though to th grand final but we lost to Gisborne primary by 4 But lucky I still have next year.


One thought on “Distric Netball

  1. Dear lulu,
    Just like to say that you did a great job on this post!!! I really liked how you named all the people who played the positions :). I couldn’t understand the information though because it was so muddled up.

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