Biography of Kelly Gang

This is the deadly Kelly gang. They are very famous bush ranges they love to rob banks and shoot people. Ned Kelly is the leader he got hung after a chase with the police and he’s last words were “Such life”.

Facts about Ned Kelly:

• he was born in June 1855

• He died 11th November 1880

• Hes first robbery was with Harry Power when he was 15

One early morning in June, the police were siege on their hourse at the Glenrowan Inn. Hoping that after 2 years of humiliation. They have finally corned the Kelly gang at last. Joe Barne had been shot dead leaving Ned Kelly wounded and bleeding badly. He slipped though police in the darkness. After resting he is ready to make he’s escape.

There was just one thing, Ned Kelly can’t leave he’s brothers behind so he starts walking back to the Inn. Someone shot him in the head and he wasn’t wearing he’s skull caps bright red blood started dipping down he’s cheek.

A young gard has a shot at Ned and get him but he still stands, Ned Kelly had a shot back but deliberately missed.

Police started shooting at him and hit him but no result after a few more hits Ned Kelly said “That’s enough I’m done” before crashing face up bleeding from he’s hip and thigh.

A senior Kelly removes the helmet from Neds  head.

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