Science fair

On September the 7th the grade 5 had a science fair. We had to choose a topic and research all about it. Then put a display about our topic and mine was slime i had this poster and slime.

Click on the picture and it will take you to one of the websites I used.



One thought on “Science fair

  1. Hi Lulu,
    I wish I had have come and visited your stand, because I know what it’s like when your bored out of you brain. I like how you put steps on how to make it and not just explain it. This might sound like I’m being a bit picky, but when you said, “On September the 7th the grade 5 had a science fair.” I think you need to add an s on the end of 5, also a capital I for I. And this is something that you don’t HAVE to change, but I would personally put a full stop before the lower case eye. Other wise I think it is really good.
    Yours scincerley,

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