Zoos are not essential

Imagine being separated from your family to live in a cage well this is what happens to the animals in the zoo. It’s like being in jail for doing nothing wrong. When you come home to you know your gonna stay there but if your in a zoo your not certain to stay.

Monkeys are meant to swinging from vine to vine making new paths but instead there stuck in the same old boring cage with the same vines every day. So they don’t even get a chance to take risks and to explore the jungle. They should be climbing up trees to find there own bananas instead of the zoo keeper just feeding it to them.


I know it’s pretty cool to see a emu at the zoo but imagine seeing one out in the wild, with no bars or glass in between you that would be awesome you could probably go up really close and maybe even pat it but make shore it doesn’t peck you because that would hurt.

Lastly, Animals are meant to be in there natural habitat with other animals, instead of being teased by being able to see other cages that they might like better then the cage there in.

After reading this you should definitely agree that zoo are not essential and animals are capable of living on there own.

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