Super Story’s about Cerebral Palsy Australia

I have been exploring the Australia Cerebral Palsy website. I read Tim’s story called Some Angels Have Wings…. But Mine Has Wheels.

If I could talk to Tim I think he’s life message would be: it can be done  you’re just got to persist. I think this would be he’s life message because he keeps on persisting to get it done.

Down below I have under lined the evidence to show you that’s why I think he’s life message would be: It can be done you’re just got to persist.image

My Mind Map

Have you ever heard of a mind map? Well I’m going to tell you about mine.

These are the rules:

• My grade had five thick branches then lots of little ones that come off it. • The Writing had to be as close to horizontal as possible.

• We had to have some diagrams.

Have a look at my amazing Earth mind map. To see how much I’ve learned.



Indigenous Flag

On the Indigenous flag the top half is black and the bottom half is red. There’s a big yellow circle in the middle. The flag was created in 1971.

The top Black part represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. The bottom red part represents the red earth. The yellow circle represents the sun and the giver of life.

If I could make any changes I would put the Australian flag in the corner. I would make the changes because the Australian flag and the Indigenous flag can be on one flag.

Maths goal


This is a photo of my sheet that I did with Anke.

My maths goal is to learn my 6 times tables and to get 80%, I will do this by 18 of November 2015 . To do this I will practice on Hit the Button.




How Day And Night Changes


Before I learnt about how day and               Have a good look at this                                                       night changes I thought it changed           Photo and you will see how                                                           like the photo above.                                        It changes


The earth spin a round anti clock wise  and the  part of the earth that is facing the sun is day time. The parts that not facing the sun is night.


Click here for a video of how day and night happen

Walk To Warrina

On the 9th of September the grade 4s walked to Warrina. All the year 4s sang Waltzing Matilda the Queensland version. My class performed Mulga Bills poem by Banjo Paterson. 4B performed The Man From Iron Bark and 4C performed The Bush Christening.


After we performed we got in small groups and interviewed a person who was being cared for. We filmed the person getting interviewed. I asked my elderly these questions: What did you do when you were a teenager and she said play in the back yard with her brothers and sisters. I also asked what was her favourite toy she said little tiny dolls. I asked her what she wanted to be a hair dresser.



The Indigenous flag

If you haven’t seen the Indigenous flag it looks like this.


The flag was created in 1971.The top Black part represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. The bottom red part represents red earth. The yellow circle represents the sun and the giver of life.

The Indigenous flag is important because it represents the Aboriginal people.

Magnificent mapping


Before research                                               After research

Legendary learning goals


Organisations is one of a You Can do it habits. Setting goals are one of the keys to organisation. Long term goals are their for a term. Short term goals make a path way to the long term goals.
– I will give people honest feedback
– I will remember my green hat thinking
-I will re-read if I don’t understand
-I will listen closely if it’s a read aloud book
– I will learn my 10 times
– I will learn my 10 division
– I will learn my 5 times
– I will learn my 5 division
– I will practice one night at home a week
– I will cross the ones I know off in my diary

An ANZAC tale book review

This is a very good story its about Wally, Roy and Tom they think it will be an adventure. The Australian soldiers are there for 9 months there nits, flies, heat and snow. Eight thousand Australia’s  died.

Australians went to help the Great Britain to fight the Germans and Turkish armies. Roy, Wally and Tom travel to Egypt then to ANZAC Cove. They landed at dawn for the next nine months  they battled against the big Johnny Turk. It was the flies that caused the most illness.

This graphic novel tellѕ a story and millions of facts. Any one interested in the ANZAC you will love this book.

Interesting interviews

I heard the bell ring and It was my turn I was nervous. I showed Mum were to sit while I got my work. Then I stared It was fine.


Farmer duck hidden messages

I am in year 4. My teacher just read me a picture story book! We read Farmer Duck and we had to find the hidden messages.

Famer Duck is about a lazy famer that makes his duck do all the work! The other animals made a plan and chased the lazy famer away and he never came back. The animals made the farm way better.

I am going to use a message as a leaning goal for this term. The one that will help me the most is work to your best so I can be successful with my work.

Brilliant bridges


Lauren Grandpa came to teach us about bridges. I learnt that a brace is used when a bridge is built. It is very strong and helps support the bridge.

After listening to Lauren’s grandpa I decided I will use some braces.

Term 2 2015

Today we are setting learning goals. My learning goals are aboutEnglish, Maths and learning  behaviour

My You Can Do It goal(YCDI) is to improve my ability at being more persistent. To do this I will concentrate in class so I can complete my work.

In English I will focus on writing. To do that I will use more powerful words.

In Maths I will focus on my 2 times tables and division To do that I will practise on My script calculator.








Lighthouse challenge



Great, a impossible building challenge! Try build a one metre, newspaper lighthouse that survives the fan test.

Well you won’t belive that my group was successful brilliant, superb does it sound like I’m a little proud.

I now about the first ever lighthouse, the shipwreck coast and 3D shapes are very strong.

On the next building challenge I will: use cylinders to make shapes strait away.