Science fair

On September the 7th the grade 5 had a science fair. We had to choose a topic and research all about it. Then put a display about our topic and mine was slime i had this poster and slime.

Click on the picture and it will take you to one of the websites I used.



My Mind Map

Have you ever heard of a mind map? Well I’m going to tell you about mine.

These are the rules:

• My grade had five thick branches then lots of little ones that come off it. • The Writing had to be as close to horizontal as possible.

• We had to have some diagrams.

Have a look at my amazing Earth mind map. To see how much I’ve learned.



How Day And Night Changes


Before I learnt about how day and               Have a good look at this                                                       night changes I thought it changed           Photo and you will see how                                                           like the photo above.                                        It changes


The earth spin a round anti clock wise  and the  part of the earth that is facing the sun is day time. The parts that not facing the sun is night.


Click here for a video of how day and night happen